Lotto Strike draw 5137

Get the latest Lotto Strike results for Monday, 13 June 2022 (draw 5137). Check all 4 winning numbers to see if you become this add-on game winner. Results are available shortly after accordingly Monday, Wednesday or Saturday lottos take place.

Lotto Strike draw 5137 winning numbers:

35 37 31 2

Lotto Strike ticket check:

Time left

Lotto Strike draw 5137 winners and prizes

This table shows the Lotto Strike prize breakdown information. See how many winners guessed all four winning numbers and how much they won. (Updated: 2022-06-14 01:30:48 )

Combination Prize Winners Odds
4 numbers Pool transfer 0 1 in 3,575,880
3 numbers $2,721.95 2 1 in 21,804
2 numbers $133.85 183 1 in 346
1 numbers $1 6,606 1 in 12
Draw statistics:
Total winners: 6,791 Total prizes: $36,544.45

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Previous results

Lotto Strike is an add-on game played with Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Lotto. By matching as little as one, two, three or four of the first numbers drawn in the relevant Lotto, you could be a winner! The jackpot prize could go as high as AUD $2 million.