Oz Lotto

Oz lotto was launched in 1994 and since then has remained a popular lottery game in Australia. It is known for its large jackpots, with the largest Oz Lotto jackpot of AU$100 million back in 2013.

Taking place every Tuesday at 20:30 AEST, the lottery game has a guaranteed minimum First Division prize of AU$2 million. Apart from this main prize, there are 6 more prize divisions you could win.

Oz Lotto results

Oz Lotto results are placed here after every draw. Oz lotto is held every Tuesday at at 7:30pm AEST (8:30pm AEDT).

Oz Lotto ticket check:

Please play responsibly. This tool is intended for those who've already chosen to participate in Oz Lotto.

How to play

Start by choosing seven numbers from 1 to 45 or buy a QuickPick ticket where the numbers are chosen for you. Each Tuesday at 20:30 AEST, nine numbers between 1 and 45 and randomly chosen, with the last two numbers being supplementary. If the numbers on your ticket match the main numbers drawn - you win! Plus, there are extra combinations to win prizes from other Divisions. To win the lowest Division prize, you must match at least 3 main numbers plus one supplementary number.

Oz Lotto tickets price

To play the Oz lotto you have to purchase either a Quick play ticket, where numbers are already chosen for you, or you can pick numbers yourself. With a Quick play you have seven choices with prices starting from $7.75 for six games. When you pick your numbers, a ticket price for one game is $1.30. If you often play Oz lotto, a good choice is to buy a multiplayer game package, where as an example a package of fifty games will cost you $64.50. There is also an option to choose draws you like to participate in, for instance only draws that jackpots start from $5M.

Oz Lotto prizes

Division Combination Probability Percentage of Prize Pool
One Match 7 Mains 1 in 45,379,620 40.0%
Two 6 Mains + 1 or 2 Supps 1 in 3,241,401 1.7%
Three Match 6 Mains 1 in 180,078 3.5%
Four 5 Mains + 1 or 2 Supps 1 in 29,602 1.8%
Five Match 5 Mains 1 in 3,430 2.1%
Six Match 4 Mains 1 in 154 24.0%
Seven 3 Mains + 1 or 2 Supps 1 in 87 26.9%

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