Saturday Lotto is a weekly Saturday night lottery game played in Australia since 1972. It is operated by Tattersall's, and is syndicated to all Australian states and territories. The game is also known as Tattslotto in Victoria, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory; as Gold Lotto in Queensland; as X Lotto in South Australia and as Lotto or Saturday Lotto in New South Wales, and Western Australia.

The Saturday lotto offers a minimum First Division prize of AU$4 million. The prize is often shared between multiple winners who match all the six numbers. However, there are five more prize divisions in TattsLotto where you could win with as little as one or two winning numbers, plus two supplementary numbers.

Tattslotto results

Find the latest Saturday lotto winning numbers, winners and prize breakdowns here after each draw. Draws take place at 7:30pm AEST (8:30pm AEDT).

Saturday Lotto Superdraw

Take a chance to win the First Division prize of AU$20 million or even more. Superdraw often creates multiple millionaires - be one of them!

Saturday Lotto changes 2020

New Saturday lotto gives you more chances to win, better odds and an extra million to grab! Find all information about changes in the lottery starting from 10 October, 2020!

How to play Saturday Lotto?

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How to play

Start by purchasing a QuickPick ticket with eight randomly generated numbers or a Marked entry ticket where you choose the eight numbers yourself. Then, every Saturday at 19:30 AEST, the lottery game randomly draws eight balls from a pool of balls numbered 1 through 45. The first six numbers are the main numbers and the last two are supplementary. If you match the six main numbers - you win the First Division prize! If not, there are five more prize tiers where you could win with matching as little as one or two main numbers and two supplementary numbers.

Saturday Tattslotto ticket price

There are two ways to play Saturday lotto. First one is to buy standard entries, where you choose to play a QuickPick or a Marked entry. With a QuickPick numbers are generated for you and the prices are from $4.20 for six games, and with a Marked entry you can pick your own numbers and that will cost you from $2.80 for four games. You can also decide how many games you like to play, mark up to 18 games while buying a ticket in-store or up to 50 games when playing online. Second option is System and Pick entries and they give you more chances to win. With a System entry you can choose from 7 to 20 numbers (instead of 6), a ticket with 7 numbers will cost you $5 and with 20 numbers - $27,79. A Pick entry guarantees you either 1 or 2 winning numbers and the prices start from $28.70.

Tattslotto prizes

Division Winning Combination Probability Percentage of Prize Pool
no. 1 Match 6 1 in 8,145,060 32.8%
no. 2 Match 5 + 1 or 2 Supplementaries 1 in 678,755 3.7%
no. 3 Match 5 1 in 36,689 5.6%
no. 4 Match 4 1 in 733 8.3%
no. 5 Match 3 + 1 or 2 Supplementaries 1 in 297 12.3%
no. 6 Match 3 1 in 53 37.4%

Tattslotto FAQ

The TattsLotto draw takes place every Saturday night at 8:30 pm AEDT / 7:30 pm AEST. That is why TattsLotto is also called the Saturday Lotto.
Yes, the TattsLotto draw can be seen on 7TWO every Saturday night at 8:30 pm AEDT (7:30 pm AEST).
The TattsLotto draw ticket sales closing on Saturday nights at 8:30 pm AEDT - 7:30 pm AEST.
Tickets are from $2.90 for four games to $35.90 for fifty games.
The current age limit for TattsLotto is 18.
Yes, it is possible to play the lottery in any country. You can buy your tickets online.
There are six prize Divisions. If you match one or two winning numbers and two supplementary numbers, you win Division 6. If you match all six numbers, you win Division 1.
Those are the Tattslotto special draws which they have for a few times a year. These draws can increase the Division 1 prize up to AUD $30 million.
It depends on the Division. In Division 1 the probability is 1:8,145,060 while in Division 6 - 1:144.
Yes. When no one gets the prize in a lottery draw, funds from that jackpot are added to the next game.
It depends on the state that you live in. You can get that information from a local lottery operator.
All the prizes are tax-free if you are Australian citizen. If you are a foreigner, best if you check with a financial expert.
The results from all the past draws can be found at www.lottodraw.com.au

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