Set for Life draw 3030

Check the Set for Life results for the latest draw 3030 on Wednesday, 22 November 2023. Check the lucky numbers to see if you just been set for all of your life. Results are placed on our website within minutes after every day draws.

Set for Life draw 3030 numbers:

34 9 17 37 30 32 8
Supplementary numbers:
14 26

Set for Life ticket check:

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Draw statistics:
Total winners: 34,229 Total prizes: $388,306.95

Historical Results

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Set For Life is Australia’s only lottery game that lets you play your numbers across seven consecutive daily draws. The grand prize offers exactly what the title suggests - to be set for life. Every draw, up to four winners could win the grand prize of AU$20,000 every month for 20 years!

Set for Life results and numbers for draw number 3030