Monday Lotto draw 3982

Find out Monday Lotto draw 3982 winning numbers and results for .
Winning numbers:
18 15 27 36 20 21
Supplementary numbers:
41 9

Monday Lotto ticket check:

Monday Lotto draw 3982 winners
Combination Prize Winners Odds
6 mains $1,000,000 1 1 in 8,145,060
5 mains + 1 sup $4,528 15 1 in 678,755
5 mains $480 219 1 in 36,689
4 mains $24 12,596 1 in 733
3 mains + 1 sup $13 32,380 1 in 297
1 or 2 mains + 2 sups $14 52,141 1 in 144
Draw statistics:
Total winners: 97,352 Total prizes: $2,617,520

Draw video

Good evening, Sammie O'Brien here and welcome to tonight's Monday lotto draw 3982. We are playing for division one prize of $1 million guaranteed for up to four winners. Here with me are our draw officials and government supervisor. To win the division one prize tonight your six numbers will need to match the six winning numbers in this evening's draw. Wouldn't it be nice to become Monday lotto millionaire. Well, the first number you'll need tonight is number 18 which is very closely followed by number 15. Last week's Monday lotto draw made one new player from new South Wales an overnight millionaire. Did your lucky numbers bring you a win? Well to be a winner you also need number 27 and the fourth number out of the barrel for this evening will be number 36. This Sunday is lottos $20 million Super Draw Saturday. It's the game that makes the most millionaires. So get excited and grab your entry, today you'll need number 20 and the last number before the supplementaries is 21. Let's recap, those winning numbers: 18, 15, 27, 36, 20, 21 and our first supplementary for this evening is ball number 41 and the last supplementary you've been needing each in tonight's draw is number nine. You can also check your entry in store online or on the app. Congratulations and goodnight.

Monday Lotto statistics:
The biggest jackpot: $8,533,476. Frequency of jackpots winning: 1.98. Last jackpot: $1,000,000 was won on a draw #3986 (2020-06-29).

Monday Lotto is a popular Australian lottery game, played to brighten up those dreary Mondays. It’s quick and easy and offers a pretty big prize for the winner. Basically, all you have to do is match all six main numbers drawn and the grand prize of AU$1 million is yours!