Tattslotto draw 4015

Find out Tattslotto draw 4015 winning numbers and results for .
Winning numbers:
37 17 18 41 11 20
Supplementary numbers:
15 36

TattsLotto ticket check:

Tattslotto draw 4015 winners
Combination Prize Winners Odds
6 mains $2,169,262 2 1 in 8,145,060
5 mains + 1 sup $10,387 53 1 in 678,755
5 mains $1,394 852 1 in 36,689
4 mains $37 48,885 1 in 733
3 mains + 1 sup $24 123,814 1 in 297
1 or 2 mains + 2 sups $14 261,716 1 in 144
Draw statistics:
Total winners: 435,322 Total prizes: $14,486,964

Draw video

Good evening, Sammie O'Brien here and welcome to tonight's Saturday lotto draw 4015. The total division one prize for tonight is over $4 million. Here with me tonight are our draw officials and government supervisor. To win tonight's division one prize your six numbers will need to match the six winning numbers in this evening's draw. Well, the first number you will need tonight is ball number 37 and the second number out of the barrel for tonight is number 17. Last week Saturday lotto draw created three new millionaires across Australia, a big congratulations to those very lucky winners. Ball number 18 is another one of your lucky numbers tonight as is ball number 41. Your next chance to win is this Monday where there'll be a $1 million division one prize guaranteed for up to four winners. So don't forget to grab your entry this week. The fifth ball out of the barrel, is number 11 and last number before the supplementaries is ball number 20. Let's recap those winning numbers: 37, 17, 18, 41, 11, 20 and our first supplementary for tonight is ball number 15 and last number you will need in this evening's draw is number 36. Well, I certainly hope that were your winning numbers. You can also check your entry in store online or on the app.

Tattslotto statistics:
The biggest jackpot: $7,333,333. Frequency of jackpots winning: 1.01. Last jackpot: $1,536,278 was won on a draw #4065 (2020-07-04).

TattsLotto is Australia’s weekly lottery game taking place every Saturday evening. Offering a First Division prize of AU$4 million, TattsLotto gives people the chance to become millionaires! Sometimes their grand prize can even reach up to AU$30 million.