$20 Million Saturday Lotto Superdraw

Published: Friday, September 04, 2020.

If you were disappointed that you had to go back to work after last Saturday's lotto Superdraw rather than being able to quit and start living a lavish lifestyle after winning the jackpot, there is another drawing on September 5 (draw 4083)! This one will give you a chance to win a share in $20 Million.

In case you forget, Superdraws are special jackpots held several times a year, roughly every 6-8 weeks. The jackpots are usually around $20 million or even more. The next $20 Million Saturday Lotto Superdraw will be drawn at 8.30pm AEST (9.30pm AEDT) on Saturday 5th of September.

To win you need to match all six winning numbers and the Powerball. Since odds are quite low, it is smart to look for opportunities to improve your chances. One of most popular is playing a Syndicate.A lottery Syndicate, or a group entry, is a team of players working together to increase their chance of winning. So gather all of your friends together and you can pool your money to buy a bigger entry, which will increase your chance of winning. If your Syndicate wins, the prizes will be shared amongst all team members. You can also play with complete strangers, just join Syndicates that are already set up in your local store.

Why is it better to play with a group? Here is an example of a crazy lucky group of players. Back in 1992, a group of Australians gathered together and won the $27 million jackpot. Although it is important to mention they had invested $5 million in tickets for a Virginia lottery. At first their plan was to buy all 7 million possible combinations with the lottery numbers. However, they ran out of time, only managing to secure 5 million tickets. Luckily, one of the combinations they bought was drawn and they won the $27 million jackpot!

Together with a group or alone, the most important thing is to have your ticket! So hurry up, if you still do not have one. Also, remember that all results are available on our website within minutes after each draw.

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