A chance to grab an eye-watering $80 million Powerball jackpot

Published: Wednesday, July 08, 2020.

This week's Powerball draw 1260 is a massive $80 million. And it is expected up to a quarter of Australian adults to have an entry in that drawer.This $80 million prize is the equal biggest jackpot we've seen from an Australian lottery this year. There was crowned one winner who collectively has taken home more than $189 million in division one prize money. Interestingly, three of those five divisions wins so far this year have been from Queensland. There was one from new South Wales and one from Victoria. So we'll have to see if that Powerball light continues to shine on Queensland on Thursday night or whether somewhere else in Australia might share that massive $18 million prize. The entries that share division one in Powerball so far this year mostly were Quick Pick entries. What we've seen so far from the Powerball division one winning entries of 2020 is that they've been relatively small entries of that 25 games or less.

It goes to show you don't need a big entry. You just need an entry for your chance to win the prize. No matter where you are or what type of entry you have, as long as you've got a ticket in your hand, then you're in with a chance to win the big prize. Last five weeks no one has won the First Division prize, letting it roll over and the result we have is the biggest jackpot offered so far this year and 7th biggest jackpot since the start of Powerball in 1996. The $80 million Powerball draw will take place on Thursday 9 July 2020, with the ticket selling closing at 7:30pm AEST.

The last massive jackpot landed to a Logan man in May. This lucky man won a First Division prize of $17 million. When asked what he is planning to do first, he said he is going to buy a new sports car. The biggest jackpot so far this year was won in March when a Port Macquarie man won $80 million. When asked the first thing he is planning to do, he said he is going to buy a new television with more channels to watch. So if one winner pocketed the entire prize this Thursday, he would become a second individual who had scored an $80 million Powerball prize. This winner would also become an equal third-biggest individual lottery winner in Australia. In the first place there is still a Sydney healthcare worker who won a $107 million Powerball prize back in January 2019 and another man from Chatswood who won a $96 million Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot prize last August.

How to boost your chances of winning this jackpot?

While Powerball is a random game, and each number has an equal chance of being drawn, there are some numbers that are drawn more often than others. On our site you can find statistics based on all past draws, check the Powerball numbers analysis section to find out the most important information about each lottery ball. A lot of players use this technique of choosing the most common numbers, while others rather select least common numbers. A lot of previous Powerball winners told that they were picking those in between. For those looking to Mark their entries in this week's draw, they might be interested to know which numbers have appeared more frequently than others. During the past two years, what we've seen with the winning numbers is that the numbers 17 and nine have been drawn the most frequently while the numbers 15 and 3 have appeared less often for that all important Powerwall number that you do need to win division one. The number 19 draw in the most times during the past two years, while the numbers of 14, 5, and 1 have appeared less frequently.

No matter which type of entry you choose, the most important thing is to have a ticket in your hands if you want a chance to win $80 million. You can purchase your ticket at any licensed lottery outlet, online or via the Lott mobile app.

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