Australian lotto weekly review 06-29 - 07.05

Published: Monday, July 13, 2020.

The draw on Thursday, 2 July, had the prize pool of $50M in total. Unfortunately, no one has won the main jackpot, this is exactly the same case as seen in the Powerball draws during the past few weeks. But we are happy to announce that 4 players won $197,292 each for having 7 main numbers this week! Total $28.5M was shared between more than 1.5M winners!

Oz Lotto

Oz lotto drawn on last Tuesday (7 July) has changed a life for one player who won the main jackpot of $50M! The odds to win this prize were 1 in 45,379,620 so this winner truly was born under a lucky star. Total $68.8M prize pool was shared by more than 925K winners.

Monday Lotto

This game was on air on Monday (29 June). Overall, the prize of $2.5M was divided amongst almost 97K people. The game on Monday was very successful for one player who won the main prize - $1M! Congratulations!

Wednesday Lotto

This game was on air last Wednesday (1 July). The prize pool of total $1,671,990 was divided amongst more than 100K winners. Unfortunately, no one has won the main prize - $1M, so it will be transferred to the next week's draw.

Super 66

The draw last Saturday (4 July) gave away the prize pool of $126,824 in total. This sum was shared amongst more than 4K winners. Similarly as the week before, no one won the jackpot. However, 7 players got the 2nd best prize - $6,666 each. Congratulations!

Lotto Strike

During the last 3 draws of the past week (Monday, 29 of June, Wednesday, 1 of July and Saturday 4 of July) no one won the main jackpot. However the prize pool of almost $100K was shared to all the winners.

Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot

There was one draw during last week which was held Monday, 29 June; however, no one landed the jackpot of $4,120,000. However one lucky winner took the second biggest prize - $200,000, congrats!

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot

During the last week two Super Jackpot draws were held. On the first one on Monday, 29 June no one landed the main prize, although one player won the second biggest prize - $100,000. The same situation happened on the next draw on Friday, 3 July. Congrats to all winners!

Set for Life

As this lottery is ongoing on a daily basis during the week, it is more likely to win a prize than in other most popular lotteries. However, the jackpot was not taken home last week.

Congrats to all winners and participants once again and see you next week! The lottery prizes during this winter really are hitting the top, so do not miss an opportunity to become one of Australian millionaires!

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