Australian lotteries: review 2020.02.24-03.01

Published: Monday, March 02, 2020.

Hello world!
During the last week (24 February-1 March), some exciting stuff was ongoing in the lotteries based in Australia. Therefore, we will review them - stay tuned and read further!


The overall prize pool for the Saturday (29 February) draw last week was $14,619,569. 436,262 players shared this in total. 4 players won the jackpot prize for scoring 6 mains correctly ($1,095,232 each); the chance of getting this particular combination was 1 in 8,145,060.

Australian lotteries: review 2020.02.24-03.01 Powerball

The draw on Thursday, 27 February, had the prize pool of $11,565,843 in total. It was distributed across 608,423 people. No one won the jackpot (which is acquired while getting 7 main numbers plus Powerball); this is exactly the same case as seen in the Powerball draws during the past few weeks. But we are happy to announce the player who won $320,536 for having 7 main numbers this week!. The chance to score them exactly was 1 in 7,078,443 - congratulations for having completed this difficult task.

Oz Lotto

Last Tuesday (25 February), the prize of $3,207,346 was divided between 126,088 players. There was no particular success in winning either the jackpot or 6 mains + 1 sup (i.e. the 2nd best prize), yet 43 players got the prize of $6,466 for 6 main numbers. The chance for this was 1 in 180,078.

Monday and Wednesday Lottos

All in all, $2,730,701 was divided amongst 108,883 players. Since the jackpot was not acquired, 8 players got the 2nd best prize (for correct 5 mains + 1 sup) - this time it was $14,378 for each player. For the Wednesday draw (26 February), the jackpot was not taken home either. 9 players won the 2nd best prize and received $13,270 each.

Super 66

The draw last Saturday (February 29) had the total pool of $77,057. This sum was shared between 3,645 people. No one managed to win the jackpot, yet 2 players took home the 2nd best prize ($6,666 each with the chance of 1 in 55,556).

Lotto Strike

During 3 draws last week (Monday the 24th, Wednesday the 26th and Saturday the 29th), the total prize of $114,128 was divided amongst 24,030 players. No one won the jackpot in any of these draws.

Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot

There were no games of this lottery during the last week.

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot

There were 2 draws last week (Wednesday 26 February and Friday 28 February). The jackpot was not taken home during neither of these draws.

Set for Life

As this lottery is ongoing on a daily basis during the week, it is more likely to win a prize than in other most popular lotteries. One player won the jackpot prize on 29 February, scoring $4,800,000 alone.
Congrats to all winners and participants once again and see you next week!

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