Australian lotteries: review 2020.03.02-08

Published: Friday, March 13, 2020.

Hello everyone!
Hope everything is fine on your side. Throughout the last week (2 March-8 March), we were keen on results In Australian lotteries. Check them out below!


The total prize pool for the draw on Saturday (7 March) last week was $14,055,736. 425,542 players shared this sum. 6 players won the jackpot prize for collecting 6 main numbers ($702,074 each); the chance of getting this combination was 1 in 8,145,060.


The draw on Thursday, 5 March, had the prize pool of $14,939,571 in total. 823,850 people shared this sum. No one won the jackpot (which is acquired while getting 7 main numbers plus Powerball); this is exactly the same case as seen in the Powerball draws during the past few weeks. But we are happy to announce that 7 players won $59,063 each for having 7 main numbers this week!. The probability to score this combination was 1 in 7,078,443.

Australian lotteries: review 2020.03.02-08 Oz Lotto

Last Tuesday (3 March), the prize of $3,984,112 was divided between 187,460 players. No one managed to land the jackpot. 5 players won the 2nd best prize, which was $22,591 for 6 main numbers combined with 1 supplementary number. The chance for this was 1 in 3,241,401.

Monday and Wednesday Lottos

These games were on air on Monday (2 March) and Wednesday (4 March). Overall, the prize of $5,166,384 was divided amongst 166,341 people. The game on Monday was not that successful and the jackpot was transferred to the next draw. However, 2 people won the jackpot on Wednesday - each player received $1,000,000. Congratulations!

Super 66

The draw last Saturday (7 March) gave away the prize pool of $72,512 in total. This sum was shared between 3,501 people. Similarly as the week before, no one won the jackpot. However, 2 players got the 2nd best prize ($6,666 each with the chance of 1 in 55,556).

Lotto Strike

During 3 draws last week (Monday the 2nd, Wednesday the 4th and Saturday the 7th), the total prize of $110,880 was divided amongst 23,323 players. No one won the jackpot in any of these draws.

Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot

There was a draw on Tuesday (3 March) last week; however, no one landed the jackpot of $1,480,000.

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot

Same as for the sister lottery Mega Jackpot, the draw of Super Jackpot took place last Tuesday (3 March). No one won the jackpot of $3,100,000 there.

Set for Life

As this lottery is ongoing on a daily basis during the week, it is more likely to win a prize than in other most popular lotteries. However, the jackpot was not taken home last week.
Congrats to all winners and participants once again and see you next week!

So far we've seen seven division one winning entries take out over $700,000 each in Saturday Lottery. Three thrilled Ozzie's became Monday and Wednesday millionaires and Set for Life has crowned 60th first prize winner. These are just some of the winning moments we've been celebrating this week and there's been plenty of hot warming winning reactions to go with them. One of my favorites was from a Harrington local in new South Wales who told us that even his toes was shaking from the incredible news of his division one win. The man checked his winning ticket in his local news agency and was still in a state of disbelief when we jumped on the phone to confirm his win moments later. The humble man told us he leads a pretty simple life, but he'd be able to share his prize with his family and was looking forward to going from being semi-retired to fully retired. The wind was also a milestone for Harrington news agency who sold the winning ticket. It was the first division one win for the local store, and they couldn't have been more thrilled to have a part of that life changing moment for their regular customer.

Speaking of life changing environments a Mornington Peninsula man told us that his division one win this week has marked a change in his fortune. He was in complete shock to discover he had all six winning lotto numbers. Telling us that things like this just don't happen to him. He confessed he previously considered himself the unluckiest person ever, but not anymore. His prize will help him realise his dream of owning his own home and a brand new Mustang he'd been eyeing off. We love hearing how win has turn someone's day around maybe some good fortune will be heading your way soon.

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