Australian lotteries: review 2020.04.27-05.03

Published: Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

Hello everyone!
We really hope you had a great week. Many lotteries are still available without leaving home during lockdown - this means no struggle with your further participation. We’re keen to share the results from Australia during the last week (27 April-3 May) - let’s see what happened there!


The prize pool for the draw last Saturday (2 May) was worth $16,2M, shared by more than 495k players. We’re happy that 4 players landed the jackpot - each of them got the prize worth over $1,2M. Congrats and best of luck for everyone next week!


This game took place on Thursday, 30 April. Over 384k players had the prize pool of more than $7.2M. Unfortunately, nobody won the jackpot prize this time; however, we’re happy for 2 players who landed the 2nd best prize. It was worth $99,839 each this time and the probability to win it reached 1 in 7,078,443.

Oz Lotto

On Tuesday, 28 April, the prize pool of over $3.5M was shared by more than 147k players. Although no one won the jackpot, we have some nice numbers for the 2nd and 3rd best prizes - 3 players won $33,922 each and over 40 players got $5,110.

Monday and Wednesday Lottos

These games were live on Monday (27 April) and Wednesday (29 April). The prize of over $5.7M was divided amongst nearly 200K players. 2 players won the jackpot worth $1,000,000 each on both Wednesday and Saturday draws - congratulations! The chance for these events was 1 in 8,145,060 in each draw.

Super 66

In the draw last Saturday, 2 May, more than 5.4K players shared the prize pool of $122Kl. Even though no one won the jackpot, 4 players received the 2nd best prize for 5 correct numbers ($6,666 each with the chance of 1 in 55,556).

Lotto Strike

During 3 draws last week (Monday 27 April, Wednesday 29 April and Saturday 2 May), the prize pool of over $77k was divided amongst more than 17k players. Similarly as during a few last weeks, no one won the jackpot.

Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot

There was a single draw of Mega Jackpot last week. It took place on Tuesday, 28 April and no one won the jackpot during this session.

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot

The draws of Super Jackpot took place twice last week: on Tuesday (28 April) and Thursday (30 April). Similarly as in Mega Jackpot, no one won the jackpot across both draws.

Set for Life

Since this lottery is ongoing daily, the chance to win a prize there is higher than in other popular draws. Similarly as a few weeks before, no one landed the jackpot prize ($20k a month for 20 years). However, we’re excited to announce that 3 players got the 2nd best prize - $5k a month for a year.
Congratulations to everyone once again - best of luck and see you next week!

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