Wednesday Lotto history

Wednesday Lotto was the second New South Wales Lotto game and was an addition to the popular Monday Lotto, which launched on November 5th, 1979. Wednesday Lotto was born 5 years after the launch of Monday Lotto, precisely on November 21st, 1984. It was added as a second weekly draw, sharing the same format as Monday Lotto but each having their own prize pools.

Wednesday Lotto history

Originally, the New South Wales Lotto (Monday and Wednesday Lotto) was a local game administered by New South Wales Lotteries, but later expanded throughout Australia: South Australia and Western Australia on May 1st, 2006; Tasmania and Victoria on October 13th, 2008; Queensland on October 21st, 2013.

Originally Wednesday Lotto took place on Wednesdays - just as the title suggests. However, in 1989 the game was moved to Thursday nights. This change did not last long though (5 years to be exact). In May 1996, following the introduction of Powerball on Thursday nights, the “mid-week” lotto game was moved back to its original draw slot - Wednesday nights.

Some of the biggest changes the New South Wales Lotto (Monday and Wednesday Lotto) saw:

The largest jackpot ever won during the Wednesday Lotto was AUD $6 million. The winning draw took place in January of 2009.